The "High-Converting Copy Kit" for Personal Brands

This bundle includes the exact templates I created to write high-converting sales pages for some of today's most influential personal brand businesses.

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A Leader is forever changed when they stand to the tee and play a ball with their mark on it...

Welcome to the signup page for the Mark Your Ball Webinar.

This 45-minute presentation looks at how the game of golf teaches leadership to players of all ages.

The lessons and skills learned from the game shape our ability to influence others, create a culture of winning, and build a mindset for both young and old, to grow and succeed in life.

Marshall’s webinar comes from material he presented during a keynote speech for the First Tee’s Joe Lewis Bourgh’s Skill and Leadership Academy in Boise, Idaho, in 2019. Since then, he has presented his highly acclaimed keynote to over 400 leaders in the U.S. Air Force, multiple small business networking groups, online podcasts, and a professional online working groups with 28k worldwide reach.

It's time to share the magic of Mark Your Ball with you!

Have You Ever Been Stuck On The Driving Range?

Where are you living your life right now? Are you on the course, or are you stuck on the driving range in your comfort zone?

As a leadership trainer and coach, I often find people on the driving range practicing, practicing, practicing for their big moment, but they never take the step to walk over to the first tee and play the game for real. Is your comfort zone sucking the life out of you and keeping you from growing and going to the next level?

Leaders Fail When They Don't Mark Their Ball...

That is a tough statement. Let me ask you a question. Should you mark your ball before or after you hit it?

One of my favorite John C. Maxwell quotes is, "Leaders not only show the way, but they go the way." Here is another question. Why do you never mark your ball on the driving range? Is it because you know you will never play that ball? Is it because you know you will never see that ball again... let's talk about that...

Join me on 29 November 2022 for my 'Mark Your Ball' webinar and listen in on leadership lessons from the game of golf.

Most Personal Brands I Meet of Two Ways...

You Feel Like You're Doing Tons of Marketing But All This Work Isn't Really Converting Into Clients, Buyers, or Opt-Ins

Sure, you may have few leads and buyers - but where is the consistent flow that so many others talk about? (I'm willing to bet it's almost 100% due to one or two issue: your copy' or the layout of your copy.)

You Would Much Rather Spend Time Actually Coaching, Speaking, or Teaching Rather Than Doing All This Writing!

The Last thing you want to do is write copy. What you really want is to coach clients, teach courses, host packed-out webinars, our speak from stage- and have high-converting copy that attracts ideal clients, sells your offers, and lands you gigs.

Here Are the Different Resources:

High Converting Homepage Template ($97 value)

The 5-step Formula to Write Your About Page (97 value)

Speaker Page That Converts ($97 value)

Case-Studies That Convert ($97 value)

"Glossary" Sales Page ($97 value)

Normal Price = $485

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Hi - I'm Marshall,

I am a speaker, leadership coach, trainer, and author specializing in building leaders and creating teams of teams that take ownership and responsibility for their success.

I spent 20 years in the Active U.S. Army, where I developed and published unique training models, strategies, and techniques that are still in use today by our combat forces. I also spent another 16 years teaching, coaching, and creating tactical training events for the Army National Guard before I started my own coaching company.

I live in Idaho near Boise, where I love to play golf when the weather allows it. I love watching Boise State Football on the blue turf. In addition, I have a passion for backpacking and fly fishing in high mountains lakes and good scotch. I also have a passion for speaking and teaching!

I am honored to present my Mark Your Ball webinar and workshop to you!

I'm Mike, the "Personal

Branding Guy"

Mike Kim is a brand strategist, direct response copywriter, international speaker, and the driving force behind many of today's biggest personal brand businesses.

Mike's clients include widely respected thought leaders such as John Maxwell, Dr. Daniel Amen, Donald Miller, Suzanne Evans, Ray Edwards, Ken Davis, and more. He has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., and the Huffington Post.

He lives in Washington DC to be close to his two adorable nephews because inly they could convince him to live in this wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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